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Brian Adam Murphy
3rd Governor of the Mississippi Valley
In Office:
2015 - 2020
Lieutenant(s): Ron Casey, Roberta Christmas
Preceded by Johnny Green
Succeeded by Roberta Christmas
Senator from the Gulf Coast
In Office:
2011 - 2014
Served alongside: Unknown
Preceded by Red Blanchard
Succeeded by James MacGillicutty

22 May, 1976
Lafayette, Louisiana
Political Party Republican
Spouse Colleen Murphy
Religion Roman Catholic

Brian Adam ("BAM") Murphy (born 23 May 1976) is the former Republican Governor of the Mississippi Valley. He placed his name in the ballot for the Republican Party nomination in the 2020 presidential election, but then withdrew in 2019.



Brian Adam Murphy was born on May 22, 1976 in Lafayette, La. His father was the president of the Bank of the Gulf Coast. The bank had been started by Brian's great-grandfather near the turn of the 20th century. It had survived the Great Depression, and served thousands in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Brian was an average student in both high school and college. At the University of Southwestern Louisiana, Brian was active in campus politics, and was elected student body president during his junior year. Brian graduated from college with a BS in political science in 1999. That same year, he ran for a seat in the Louisiana state House of Representatives as a Republican. He won, and at 23 became the youngest ever elected member of the legislature.

Congressional Career

Murphy defeated Democratic opponent Willie Landry-Mount in 2004 in the race for Louisiana's 7th Congressional District seat. He has been a loud voice for gun owner's rights, family values, fiscal responsibility, and American's soldiers. At the start of the 2009 session, he was appointed chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Relations and Armed Services. In November 2010, Brian narrowly defeated incumbent Senator Red Blanchard to be elected to the United States Senate representing the Gulf Coast.

2010 Gulf Coast Senate Race

Brian was tapped by Gulf Coast Republican voters to run for the US Senate against incumbent Red Blanchard (D-LA). Blanchard was a newcomer to the Senate, being appointed in 2010 after the retirement of Preston Caldwell. Murphy traveled the Gulf Coast preaching his message of supporting US soldiers, crime prevention, national security, and family values. In the end, Murphy won the contest by a very narrow margin. The 2010 Gulf Coast senate race was one of the most expensive of the election cycle, with over $80 million being spent by the two campaigns.

2014 Gubernatorial Campaign

In early 2014, Brian announced that he would be a candidate for the Republican nomination for Mississippi Valley Governor. He won the nomination without opposition, and went on to face Governor Johnny Green in the general election. Green had assumed the office about a year before after the resignation of Carter Glass. In the end, Murphy was elected with just over 50% of the vote.

2016 Reelection Campaign

In 2016, Brian ran for a full 4 year term as governor of the Mississippi Valley. He faced popular Midwest senator James Dailey (DFL-MN). The campaign was very close, and very divisive. Both candidates spent a nearly equal amount of money of ads and organization. In the end, Brian edged out Dailey by less than 1,000 votes.

2020 Presidential Campaign

During the 2018 Elections, Governor Murphy placed his name in the ballot for the Republican Party nomination in the 2020 presidential election, but then withdrew in 2019.

Retirement & Resignment

Murphy announced during an event with Rep. Alyson Cauthon that he'd not run for re-election, endorsing the Congresswoman for his position.

He then resigned during late 2019.

Personal Life

Governor Murphy is married to Colleen Murphy (nee James). They are the parents of a daughter named Madison, and a son named Patrick. Murphy and his family currently live in the MSV governor's mansion in Jefferson City, MO.


  • B.S. Political Science, University of Southwestern Louisiana, 1999


  • Executive Vice President, Bank of the Gulf Coast 1999-2005

Political Experience

  • Governor, Mississippi Valley 2015-Present
  • Senator, United States Senate 2011-2015
  • Representative, United States House of representatives 2005-2011
  • Representative, Louisiana State House of Representatives, 1999-2005

Election Results

Louisiana 7th Congressional District 2004
Candidates Votes  %
Willie Mount 61,493 45%
Brian Murphy 75,039 55%
Total 136,532

Louisiana 7th Congressional District 2008
Candidates Votes  %
Mike Stagg 47,133 29%
Brian Murphy 113,720 71%
Total 160,853

Louisiana 7th Congressional District 2006
Candidates Votes  %
Ray Blanco 39,845 24.9%
Brian Murphy 120,232 75.1%
Total 160,077
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