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The United States Cabinet (usually simplified as "the Cabinet") is composed of the most senior appointed officers of the executive branch of the federal government of the United States. Cabinet officers are nominated by the President and then presented to the United States Senate for confirmation or rejection by a simple majority. If approved, they are sworn in and begin their duties.


The cabinet in USGovSim

Only 6 cabinet posts actually require Senate approval in USGovSim: Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Defense, the Attorney General, Secretary of the Interior and Secretary of Homeland Security. Other cabinet positions, including Deputy Secretaries to each of the six previously mentioned positions, are simply appointed by the President and do not need to pass an in-game Senate confirmation process.

Current cabinet

(Note:Randy Peterson has the same cabinet as Sean Radcliffe)

The Peterson cabinet
President Randy Peterson 2045-present
Vice President Bryant Carter 2041-present
Secretary of State Emily Bouiver
Tom Kikel
Secretary of Treasury Gabe Nelson 2041-present
Secretary of Defense Ashon Hussein 2041-present
Attorney General Justin Cassanova-Davis 2041-present
Secretary of Homeland Security Marcus Cavalier 2041-present
Secretary of the Interior Seth Daniels 2041-present
Secretary of Education Randy McDonald 2041-present
Secretary of Transportation Evan Adams 2041-present
Secretary of Energy Jance Aur├ęzscheun 2041-present
Secretary of Veterans Affairs Richard Blax 2041-present
Chief of Staff Adam Evans 2041-present
Administrator of the
Environmental Protection Agency
Ohio Weaver 2041-present
United States Trade
Steve Washington 2041-present
Director of National Intelligence Ben Elliott 2041-present
National Security Advisor Ashton Blaine 2041-present

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