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House of Representatives

Year Majority Minority
Speaker House Majority Leader House Majority Whip House Minority Leader House Minority Whip
2009 - Jack Magruder Bruce Tedder John Mannion
2011 - Greg Willis Marie Evans Robert Cunningham
2013 - Simone Wentworth David Cromartie Cassandra Calhoun Buford Justice (acting)6 Daniel Morey13
2014 Emmett Honeycutt Daniel Morey Cenon Ortega7
2015 - Christine Roberts Tommy Wilson Jack McDonald Daniel Pennypacker Jennifer Vandenberg7
Dale Thomas
Emmett Honeycutt Bradley Abbott
2017 - Lynn Darcy8 Erin Granger
Marcus Cavalier9 Theodore C. Jameson10
2019 - Dale Thomas Herby Ferguson James R. Jackson Ryan Bingham Abby Brocklin12
2020 Jennifer Vandeberg11
2021 - Nicole Bowman Greg Payne Emmett Honeycutt Spencer Callaway


  • 6 Buford Justice was elected House Minority Whip at the beginning of the 2013-2014 session, but served as acting Minority leader immediately. After his official election a HmL, Cenon Ortega became the whip.
  • 7 Jennifer Henrickson was became HmW near the end of 2014, and was reelected to the position for the 2015-2016 session.
  • 8 Lynn Darcy was House Majority Leader until late 2017.
  • 9 Marcus Cavalier was House Majority Leader from late 2017 onwards.
  • 10 Theodore C. Jameson was House Majority Whip from late 2017 onwards.
  • 11 Jennfer Vandenberg replaced James R. Jackson, who briefly served as as House Majority Whip.
  • 12 Abby Brocklin was appointed Senator in late 2020, and was replaced by Jason Richards as acting Minority Whip
  • 13 Daniel Morey was named House Minority Whip by the GOP House caucus early in the 2013-2014 session due to Buford Justice acting as Minority Leader. He served until the caucus held official elections where Buford Justice was officially elected Minority Leader and Cenon Ortega was elected Whip. He did not run for the position of Minority Whip in that election.


Year Majority Minority
President Pro Tempore Senate Majority Leader Senate Majority Whip Senate Minority Leader Senate Minority Whip
2009 - Tim Kent Terry Hughes Akeem Mellis Lilliam Vanleer Mark Watters
20111 Angela Chiles Adrian McConnell Vincent Giorelli
James Dailey Lilliam Vanleer Vincent Giorelli Terry Hughes Adrian McConnell2
Akeem Mellis3
Samuel Clay Terry Hughes Akeem Mellis Lilliam Vanleer Vincent Giorelli
2013 - Red Blanchard
2015 - James Dailey4 Calum Daniels6 Red Blanchard Akeem Mellis James MacGillicutty
2016 Gregory Wolff5
2017 - William Rooke Clarke Jason Gillikin
2018 Bradley Abbott7
Red Blanchard Robert Adams
2019 - Hilliam Warren Akeem Mellis Keiko Kagura Red Blanchard Robert Adams
2020 Gabe Nelson, Sr.


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