Constantine Gurlakis

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Senator Constantine Gurlakis, Republican of Florida Served (2013-2014) (2016-Present)


Constantine Gurlakis was born on August 30th 1968 to Abraham and Constance Gurlakis. He was born in Miami-Dade and is a product of Miami-Dade public schools. Often defined as a Conservative he claims that he has gained most of his experience from life. After graduating from Southwest Miami Senior High, he was admitted to the University of Miami and graduated with a degree in History. He was immediately admitted to the University of Miami Law School where he became recognized for his savvy arguments and his commitment to defending the people of Florida against criminals. He passed the Florida State Bar. After working with various law firms in Miami, he became an Assistant U.S. Attorney for South Florida and was often considered a successor to the U.S. Attorney if the then U.S. Attorney was to retire.

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