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Walker Daniel Mallory
1st Governor of the Big Sky Country
In Office:
2009 - 2012
Lieutenant(s): Hoyle, Williams
Preceded by Office Established
Succeeded by Duke Williams
3rd Governor of the Big Sky Country
In Office:
2015 - 2019
Lieutenant(s): Cummings
Preceded by Duke Williams
Succeeded by Damien Austin
Chairman of the National Governors Association
In Office:
2017 - 2019
Vice Chairman: James Stewart
Preceded by David Gamble
Succeeded by Kyle Baccei

24 September, 1968
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Political Party Republican
Spouse Angela Mallory (nee Chiles)
Religion United Methodist

Walker Daniel Mallory (born 24 September 1968) is the former Governor of the Big Sky Country. A member of the Republican Party, he was first elected as Governor of the Big Sky Country in 2008. He is both the first and third Governor of the region.



Growing up in Noble, Oklahoma, Mallory had the luxury of small-town life but had the option of big-city entertainment, with Oklahoma City not too far away. His parents earned a respectable income through their local grocery supply store and hair salon. Mallory grew up as the bag-boy for his father's grocery.

Daniel Mallory attended Oral Roberts University to obtain his B.S.A. in political science. He furthered his education at the Dedman School of Law, part of Southern Methodist University, and received his law degree in 1991. There, Mallory dated Vanessa Cantrell, who currently sits on the Big Sky Country Supreme Court after being appointed to the position by Governor Mallory.

Mallory began his career as a lawyer by interning at Simon, Slusher, and Barnt Law. He worked their for five years, before moving back to his native Noble, Oklahoma. There, he upstarted his own practice, Mallory Law. Following their older brother's footsteps, both David and Whitney, Daniel's brother and sister, received their law degrees. Together, they formed a firm that reached out to most of central and eastern Oklahoma, Mallory Family Law Firm. It was during these years when Mallory married his first wife, Olivia Sinclair.

Early Career

Mallory began his political career as a Cleveland County Commissioner. Following approximately 2 terms as Commissioner, Mallory ran for State Representative. He won the seat after defeating his former boss and nemesis, Herman Slusher. Mallory, after two elected terms as State Representative took his political career a step further, running for United States Representative. Daniel Mallory won the seat by a 59%-41% vote. He sat in Congress for close to two years before being offered the Republican nomination for Governor of Big Sky Country.

Big Sky Country Governor, 2008-2012

Mallory ran for Big Sky Governor in the 2008 election and won, defeating Democrat David Cummings. He served in this capacity for three and a half years. After re-election in 2012, Mallory started to feel the pressure of a faltering personal life and life of the Governor. He resigned his post and was replaced as Governor by Republican Lieutenant Governor Duke Williams. Mallory's parents were brutally murdered by his estranged wife, Olivia Sinclair. Mallory was forced to rebuild his life and take care of his two boys.

Big Sky Country Governor, 2014 - 2018

He remarried during the first few months of 2014 to Angela Chiles, former Senator and currently the Heartlands Lieutenant Governor. Governor Mallory re-entered politics, facing a tough opponent in Damien Austin in the 2014 elections. Mallory was plagued by his stepping down 2 years earlier and his choice for Lieutenant Governor, the disliked Governor Duke Williams. Mallory edged out a victory in what was the closest Big Sky Country Gubernatorial election in history. Democrat Graham Cummings was elected Lieutenant Governor after the people of the Big Sky Country dejected Republican candidate Duke Williams.

In 2018, Daniel Mallory was defeated by Damien Austin and left the office of Governor.


Daniel has been member of the following organizations: -*- denotes current

  • Noble United Methodist Church -*-
  • Oklahoma Education Association (Associate Attorney, Director of Law and Business)
  • Oral Roberts University Alumni Board (Member At-Large)
  • Oklahoma Bar Association (Member At-Large)
  • Oklahoma Small Business Development Center (Consultant for Cleveland County)
  • United States Conservative Party -*-
  • Young America's Foundation -*-
  • Family Research Council -*-
  • Sons of Oil Liberty -*- (CHAIR)
  • National Taxpayers Union -*-
  • National Farmer's Union -*-
  • Republican Main Street Partnership -*-
  • National Governor's Association -*- (CHAIR)


  • B.S. Political Science, Oral Roberts University
  • J.D. Dedman School of Law, Southern Methodist University

Political Experience

  • Cleveland County Commissioner, 1996-2000
  • State Representative, 2000-2002
  • United States Representative, 2002-2008
  • Big Sky Country Governor, 2008-2012, 2014-Present

Election Results

Year Office Election Winner Party Votes  % Opponent(s) Party Votes  %
2008 Big Sky Country Governor General Daniel Mallory Republican Winner 53.9% David Cummings Democratic Loser 46.1%
2010 Big Sky Country Governor General Daniel Mallory (I) Republican Winner 100% None1
2014 Big Sky Country Governor General Daniel Mallory Republican 2,506,775 53.29% Damien Austin Democratic 2,182,727 46.40%
2018 Big Sky Country Governor General Daniel Mallory (I) Republican 2,581,486 49.82% Damien Austin Democratic 2,585,325 49.89%


  • 1 Clay Miller was initially the Democratic candidate, but pulled out of the race part way into the campaign

Big Sky Country Governor, 2008
Party Candidate Votes  %
Democrat David Cummings N/A 46.1%
Republican Daniel Mallory N/A 53.9%
Total 4,703,938

Big Sky Country Governor, 2010
Party Candidate Votes  %
Democrat Clay Miller Default N/A
Republican Daniel Mallory N/A N/A
Total N/A

Big Sky Country Governor, 2014
Party Candidate Votes  %
Democrat Damien Austin 2,182,727 46.40%
Republican Daniel Mallory 2,506,775 53.29%
Total 4,703,938
Preceded by
Governor of the Big Sky Country
2009 - 2012
Lieutenant(s): Hoyle, Williams
Succeeded by
Duke Williams
Preceded by
Duke Williams
Governor of the Big Sky Country
2015 - 2018
Lieutenant(s): Cummings
Succeeded by
Damien Austin
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