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Ernest R Hinkelschmit, Jr.

JoeBiden2008-09-02-1220371826.jpg Hinkelschmit in 2039 after taking the oath of office as Governor of Appalachia.

6th Governor of Appalachia
In Office:
Lt.:John McSmith IV
Preceded by Gabe Nelson
Succeeded by Emily Bouvier
Lt. Governor of Appalachia
In Office:
Governor: Nelson
Preceded by Alice Phertanberger-George
Succeeded by John McSmith IV

March 31, 1982
Charleston, West Virginia
Political Party Republican
Spouse Charlotte Hinkelschmit (2005-2007, divorced)
Jean Hinkelschmit (2008-2033, deceased)
Ann Hinkelschmit (2034-present)
Religion Christian

Ernest Robert "EJ" Hinkelschmit, Jr. is the current Governor of Appalachia and an American musician born in 1982 in Charleston, West Virginia to Austrian-born Ernest R Hinkelschmit and Haitian-born Alice Rofakis Hinkelschmit. in 2018, Hinkelschmit played live to President Whitney Mason, which possibly allowed him to play music in Mason's 2020 campaign commercials, until Mason found out that Hinkelschmit was a Republican. Then, Mason fired Hinkelschmit from playing music on his campaign commercials, and probably led to Mason's defeat. In 2024, Hinkelschmit tried to get nominated as the Republican nominee, but didn't get the nomination.


Hinkelschmit in 2023 announcing his candidacy for the 2024 Republican Nomination for President.

Home Life

Hinkelschmit is currently the Governor of Appalachia and has 5 children, Emily, Mary, Bob, James, and Francis. Emily, Mary, Bob, and James are grown up, and Francis is in College.

His Family Tree

Ernest Robert Hinkelschmit, Sr.
Alice Rofakis
Charlotte Linda Hannas
Ernest Robert Hinkelschmit, Jr.
2 Other Wives
Ferdinand Rofakis Hinkelschmit
Many Husbands
Emily Hinkelschmit
Mary Hinkelschmit
Ernest Robert Hinkelschmit III
Martina Carla Colon
Jay-Jebediah James Hinkelschmit, Sr.
Two Wives
Francis Rofakis Hinkelschmit
Wu Hinkelschmit
Ernest Robert Hinkelschmit IV
Martin Kerry Allan Hinkelschmit
Jacob Hinkelschmit
William Hinkelschmit
Eric Allan Hinkelschmit
Terrence Allan Hinkelschmit
Jesse Hinkelschmit
Whitney Mason Hinkelschmit
Andrew Brockmeier Hinkelschmit
Sean Radcliffe Hinkelschmit
Jay-Jebediah James "Jay" Hinkelschmit, Jr.
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