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Felix Cavendish (born 15 May 1964) is an American politician, businessman and actor; currently serving as a United States Congressman representing the State of California. He is a member of the Republican Party. He served as the Secretary of the Treasury during the second term of President Elizabeth Warren.

Felix Cavendish
In Office:
2017 - Present
Preceded by Albert Sharke
Succeeded by Incumbent
Secretary of the Treasury
In Office:
2013 - 2017
Preceded by Vacant
Succeeded by Seth Wellbourne

15 May 1964
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Political Party Republican
Spouse Emily Portela
Religion Episcopalian



Born Felix Cavendish in 1964 to Mary Spencer and Jack Michael Cavendish. Jack Michael was the son of Kathleen Cavendish and William John Robert Cavendish, the Marchioness and Marquess of Hartington. It was little known that Kathleen was actually pregnant at the time of William John Robert's death, something not reported until far later. Jack Michael Cavendish moved to New England the 1960's where he studied at Harvard, he met Mary Spencer and they soon married. Within the year Felix was born.

Felix has notable ties to the Kennedy Family, JFK being his great uncle - aswell as ties to the British Monarchy, officially Felix is in line to the British Throne as the son of the Marquess of Hartington.

Felix grew up with much wealth and was a TV Actor in the 1980's and 1990's, he moved to more prominent Theatrical roles in the early 21st century. Felix has an educated from Harvard and is officially a medical doctor, a profession he practiced for only a few years. Felix is a wealthy investor in the state of California, where he resides. He is closely connected with former Governor Swarzenegger and the Reagan family. Felix maintains communication with his family, both the Kennedy's and his family in Britain. Felix resides currently in Orange County with his wife Emily Portela, the sister of Representative Edgard Portela of Michigan. They have two children, Michael and Nancy.

Secretary of the Treasury

In 2013 Elizabeth Warren nominated Felix Cavendish to be the United States Secretary of the Treasury. Democrats attempted to block the nomination along with other nominations being heard at the time. Arguing that as a CEO, Cavendish had no experience to be the Secretary of the Treasury, despite the majority of Secretaries of the Treasury having been CEOs, including many Democratic ones. Following the embarrassment of the Democrats in exposing this truth, Cavendish was easily confirmed and took office.

Cavendish worked on two major projects while Secretary, the first being the budget and the second being taxation reform. Cavendish drafted a budget with the advice of President Warren, when Congress did sought not to approve the budget, Cavendish met with Congressional leaders to propose new proposals - one of which was to lift the cap off of the payroll tax. The budget was passed in a bi-partisan effort.

Cavendish successfully reform the marginal corporate tax code to a 3-tier progressive tax rate with new tax deductions for businesses. This was the largest corporate tax reform since the implementation of the tax.

Cavendish wrote a White Paper on Tax Reform for the President after years of research into the tax code and possible ways to reform future budgets, Warren ultimately found the proposals to be too expensive; and thus caused one of the few falling out points between Cavendish and Warren.

2016 Republican Primary and Convention

Felix Cavedish

Felix Cavendish declined to endorse during the 2016 Republican Primary and, like most Republicans, supported Andrew Merrilin as the nominee. Cavendish was in Washington during the convention and saw live as Merrilin declined the nomination. Unbeenknownst to Cavendish a large group of over one-hundred delegates assembled to try and make Cavendish the nominee. Cavendish was not present and as such did not ask the delegation to endorse David Gamble, as it is assumed he would have done. Nonetheless, Cavendish finished in fifth place in the final round of balloting at the Convention.

Congressional Career

Felix Cavendish is a member of the House Appropriations and Government Regulations Committee (AGR). His main initiative in Congress is the American Tax Reform Act which would significantly reform taxes in the United States and shift taxes to a flatter and more simple structure.

2020 Presidential Campaign

In December of 2018 Felix Cavendish announced his intentions to form an Exploratory Committee for the Presidency of the United States. He made his announcement in San Diego, California before supporters in a rally. Cavendish is campaigning as a proponent of fiscal responsibility and tax reform, using his 4-year tenure as the Secretary of the Treasury as the credibility to his platform. Cavendish is a moderate on social and defense issues, but is a hard-line fiscal conservative. He is so far the only candidate from the West Coast and one of three members of the Warren cabinet seeking the Presidency (along with John Dunn and James MacGillicutty).

Preceded by
Secretary of the Treasury
2013 - 2017
Served under: Warren
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Congressman from California
2017 - Present
Succeeded by

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