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Current Majority

After the 2020 elections and subsequent changes over the session, the current division of Governors around the 9 regions is the following

Party Seats
Republican Party 5
Democratic Party 4
Independent 0

National Governor's Association: Leadership

Position Governor Party Region
Chairman Daniel Fox Republican Party Sunbelt
Vice Chairman Hys Clematis Democratic Party West Coast

Current Governors By Region

Governor Superregion State Elected Lt. Governor
Name State Elected
Peter Vandenberg Appalachia Ohio 2020 Gabrielle Garcia Ohio 2024
Keiko Kagura Big Sky County Oklahoma 2022 Carry Ann Yearling Utah 2020
Vincent Halfhyde Dixie South Carolina 2008 Graves Georgia 2022
Teddy Williams Heartland Illinois 2018 Cristopher Richards Michigan 2018
Hilliam Warren Mid-Atlantic Pennsylvania 2020 Sharon Biers New Jersey 2020
Ellis Dailey Mississippi Valley Minnesota 2024 Samuel Chambers Mississippi 2024
Joshua Pedley Northeast Rhode Island 2024 Joshua Pedley Rhode Island 2024
Daniel Fox Sunbelt Nevada 2020 Rick Ingraham Texas 2024
Hys Clematis West Coast California 2022 Leo Kona Hawaii 2022


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