Hilliam Warren

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Hilliam Warren
Mid-Atlantic Governor
In Office:
2021 - Present
Preceded by Grace Straka
Succeeded by Incumbent

Philadelphia, PA
Political Party Republican
Spouse Alyson Cauthon
Religion Catholic

Hilliam Warren is the Governor of the Mid-Atlantic Region. First elected Governor in 2020, he was re-elected in 2024. He was a United States Senator from Pennsylvania from 2019 to 2020. He was the Director of the Office of Management & Budget from 2013 to 2017 and member of the House of Representatives for the 7th District of Pennsylvania from 2017 to 2019. He is the eldest son of President Elizabeth Warren and former U.S. Senator James Warren (deceased). In 2016, Hilliam ran for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, but was defeated by Democratic incumbent Senator Kathyrn Spencer. He ran again in 2018 defeating incumbent Chastity Roberts. In 2020, Warren defeated former Speaker of the House Emmett Honeycutt for Governor and was re-elected winning every state in the region in 2024.



Eldest son of President Elizabeth Warren and former U.S. Senator James Warren. He grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA

The Warren White House

Director, Office of Management & Budget 2013-2017

Warren vs. Spencer Senate Race

In 2012, Hilliam Warren challenged U.S. Senator Kathyrn Spencer for her Pennsylvania seat, but lost garnering over 45% of the vote.

House of Representatives

7th Congressional District of Pennsylvania 2017-2019

Warren vs. Roberts

In 2018, Hilliam Warren defeated incumbent Senator Chastity Roberts for the U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania with 50.4% of the vote. His main pledge was to maintain the commonwealth's strength, relevancy and influence in Washington that it had enjoyed for the last decade with a President, two House Speakers, a Senate President Pro Tempore, a National Governors Association Chairman, two of the three most powerful American women in politics in the world as listed Forbes, a Secretary of State, a nominee for Vice President and a nominee for President all hailing from Pennsylvania. He also pledged to address the ever growing energy crisis which continued to worsen under the Democratic Congress and President Whitney Mason.

United States Senate

Upon election to the Senate, Hilliam Warren lived up to his pledge and was immediately elected as the President Pro Tempore of the United State Senate, third in the line of succession to the Presidency.

Senator Warren has continued to push the issue of domestic energy expansion, energy relief, tax relief, a reduction in federal spending, reauthorizing the anti-terror tools and expanding the United States military.

The Senator is a prominent member of the Senate Foreign Relations, Inteligence and Defense Committee, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a former member of the Senate Government Relations and Commerce Committee.

His tenure was marked as a lead negociator in a historic bipartisan agreement to pass numerous energy reforms and pieces of legislation to help reduce the energy crisis, including re-opening ANWR to drilling, suspending the Gas Tax and passing an amended version of President Mason's VISION Act.

2020 Campaign for Mid-Atlantic Governor

In 2020, sitting Senator and President Pro Tempore Hilliam Warren (R-PA) embarked on a campaign for Governor of the Mid-Atlantic region, comprised of New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and his homestate of Pennsylvania. Senator Warren defeated former Speaker, Congressman Emmett Honeycutt also of Pennsylvania to claim the MID Governor's Mansion

First Term

Governor Warren's first four years were marked by a calm, bipartisan approach to policy and legislation. With ethics reforms, balacing the budget and new investments in local communities, Warren maintained an approval rating over 60%. As the growth of local communities forced them to rely on regional law enforcement and save money by closing down municiple public safety departments, Governor Warren passed legislation that mandated local community law enforcement and provided funding to assist communities with the initial costs. The effort proved effective placing thousands of new cops on the streets, keeping public safety expenses affordable for municipalities and reducing the strain on the regional budget.

2024 Campaign for Re-Election

As a popular incumbent, Governor Hilliam Warren defeated his challenger, Mr. Payne. In his campaigning, Warren addressed all political parties, increasing his support amongst even Democrats, and won the popular vote in every state in the Mid-Atlantic.

Second Term


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