Jonathan D. Surratt

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Name: Jonathan Daniel Surratt
date of birth: February 11, 1965
Place of birth: Boston Massachusetts
Family: Married to Virginia(1985) Surratt, 2 childern, Paul and John(Twins, 1987)
Your State and Region of Representation: Florida,Congressional District 6
Your Political Party:RepublicanM

Education University of Florida:B.A. Guilded Age Economics

Bio Born in Boston, Masschusetts Surratt grew up as a Navy brat. His father enlisted in The navy and soon moved the family to Jacksonville, Florida when J.D. was only 14. Following highschool he attended The Univeristy of Florida earning a degree in Guilded Age Economics. Like his father he joined the Navy in 1992. After an engagement in the Persian Gulf Surratts destoryer was under heavy fire from rouge Iranian Small boys ( Patrol Craft ) , while saving a shipmate surratt was shot in the right tigh. He would later be awarded the Navy Cross and Purple Heart. After 20 years of service in Surface Warfare he retired Captian and soon went on to work for Newt Gingrich in a Surface Warfare think tank. Upon hearing that his home town congressman had higher hopes for for office he deciced to succed Steve Rayburn. Although a tough primary due to the 6th district being highly conservative Surratt pulled through. Surratt has served in the house of reps since 2016.

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