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Capital Harrisburg, PA
Largest city Philadelphia
Notable Metropolitan Areas Philadelphia, PA
New York City suburbs in NJ (split with Northeast)
Baltimore, MD
Washington, DC suburbs (split with Appalachia)
Pittsburgh, PA
Allentown-Bethlehem PA
Harrisburg, PA
Scranton, PA
York, PA
Lancaster, PA
Erie, PA
Atlantic City, NJ
Regions States
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Atlantic Seaboard New Jersey
Area  Ranked 9th
 - Total 69,672 sq mi
(?) km²
 - % water (?)
Population  Ranked 7th
 - Total 26,775,490
 - Density 384.31/sq mi 
(?)/km² ((?)th)
Governor Grace Straka (D-NJ)
U.S. Senators
 - Pennsylvania Kathryn Spencer (D-PA)
Hilliam Warren (R-PA)
 - Atlantic Seaboard Gary Wright (D-NJ)
Sandros Chesire (D-NJ)
Abbreviation MID
Web site Mid-Atlantic Government

The Superregion of the Mid-Atlantic is the geographically smallest, and densest, in the nation. The corridor between New York City and Washington DC, including Philadelphia, Baltimore, Trenton and Newark, very nearly constitutes continuous urban area. The superregion is divided into two regions: Pennsylvania, and the Atlantic Seaboard, each constituting roughly half the population.

The superregion is named mainly for the census bureau division lying between the South and New England. The official definition, however, includes New York and excludes Maryland and Delaware.


Adjacent Superregions


The Mid-Atlantic is, numerically, quite Democratic, with Democrats holding a 54-46 registration advantage over the Republicans. This advantage, however, is tempered by the split between the regions: In Pennsylvania, Democrats hold only a 51-49 advantage, while the advantage in the Atlantic Seaboard approaches 58-42. Due to this split, Republicans, while they have had success locally in Pennsylvania, and used Pennsylvania to capture the Governorship, are relatively unlikely to win races in the Atlantic Seaboard.

Election 2008

Highlights: Robert Cunningham was elected Governor, and Evangeline Heaton was elected Senator.

Election 2010

Highlights: Senator Kathryn Spencer was re-elected.

Special Election 2011

Highlights: In early 2011, a special election was forced by the recall petition against Governor Robert Cunningham resulting in the election of David Gamble.

Election 2012

Highlights: Governor David Gamble, Senator Samuel Clay, and Senator Vincent Giorelli were re-elected, and Grace Straka was elected to fill the remaining two years in Senator Evangeline Heaton's term.

Election 2014

Highlights: Senator Grace Straka was re-elected.

Election 2016

(Coming soon to a wikitable near you!)

Office Holders

Note: The Governor information is not complete: Missing Legislative Leaders, Legislative Breakdowns, and Lieutenant Governor names.

Year Governor Lt. Governor Legislature
Name Party State Name Party State GOP DNC Maj. Leader Min. Leader
2009 Robert Cunningham1 Democrat Pennsylvania
David Gamble Republican Pennsylvania
2017 Grace Straka Democrat New Jersey

Year Pennsylvania Atlantic Seaboard
Class 1 Class 2 Class 2 Class 3
2008 Kathryn Spencer
David Gamble
Vincent Giorelli
2009 Evangeline Heaton
2011 Kathryn Spencer
Samuel Clay
2013 Samuel Clay
Vincent Giorelli
Grace Straka
2015 Grace Straka


  • 1 Robert Cunningham was recalled from office in early 2011.
  • 2 Resigned 2011 after being elected Governor.
  • 3 National Equality Party; caucused with the Democrats; resigned late 2012.
  • A Appointed to the remainder of a predecessor's term
  • X Elected to fill a vacancy for the remainder of a predecessor's term.
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