Richard Schneiter

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Richard Schneiter
In Office:
4 February 2008 - 3 January 2011 (Class 1)

November 2011 - Present (Class 2)

Preceded by James Olsen (Class 1)

Keith Carter (Class 2)

Succeeded by Chris Harrison (Class 1)

Calum Daniels (Class 2)


April 8, 1954
Greensboro, North Carolina
Political Party Republican
Spouse Ann Schneiter
Religion Christian

Richard Schneiter (born April 8, 1954) is Senator for the Shenandoah Valley region of Appalachia. He was appointed by Governor Peter Vandenberg in 2008 to fill the suddenly vacated seat of James Olsen. He failed to be elected in 2010.

In 2011, Governor Vandenberg appointed him to fill the suddenly vacated seat of Keith Carter.



Dick Schneiter was born to Peter and Molly Schneiter in Greensboro, NC in 1954. Dick lived an idyllic, traditional childhood in the scenic valleys of western North Carolina. He developed a deep sense of honor and patriotism, and enlisted in the Army the day after his eighteenth birthday.

Military and Education

He was on his third tour of duty in Vietnam when the war ended. He returned to North Carolina to pursue his education, earning a degree in Sociology, and a Law Degree from Duke University. He returned to the Army as a JAG officer. He served at several posts at home and abroad, and subsequently saw action in Lebanon, the Gulf War, Som alia, Bosnia, and Kosovo before retiring at the rank of Colonel in 2000.

Private Life and Politics

He returned home to Greensboro with his wife Ann and opened a hardware store. He was elected as Attorney General of North Carolina in 2004. In 2009 Governor Kent Vandenberg appointed him to the United States Senate, where he served on the Judiciary and Domestic Affairs Committees. He was defeated in the 2010 regular election by a razor thin margin. In 2011, he was nominated by President Elizabeth Warren to serve as Attorney General of the United States.

Dick and Ann have four children. The two eldest, Peter and Sarah, are currently serving in the armed forces. James is a senior in High School, and Robert is finishing 10th grade.

Elections Results

Shenandoah Valley, Class One
Party Candidate Votes  %
Democratic Chris Harrison 3,207,718 49.6%
Republican Richard Schneiter 3,200,493 49.5%
Total 6,408,211

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