United States presidential election, 2012

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Presidential election, 2012
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The United States presidential election of 2012, occured on November 6, 2012, was the 56th consecutive quadrennial election for president and vice president of the United States. The election coincided with the 2012 Senate elections, House of Representatives elections, and gubernatorial elections, as well as many regional and local elections.

Republican candidate, and incumbent, President Elizabeth Warren defeated Senator Michael Casmir. It continued the trend of Presidents tending to win re-election to a second term, with George HW Bush and Jimmy Carter being the only Presidents to lose re-election since Franklin Roosevelt defeated Herbert Hoover in 1932.



Incumbent President Elizabeth Warren was running for her 2nd term and faced no serious challenge for the Republican nomination. As she had been elected as John McCain's running mate in the 2008 general election (having later been elected President by the electoral college following McCain's untimely death) this would technically be her first election campaign for the office of President. She picked Andrew Merrilin as her running mate, replacing sitting Vice President Aaron Reid on the ticket.

The Democratic primary fielded a large number of candidates, with the early favorite, Michael Casmir, managing to win enough primaries to clinch the nomination. He picked fellow primary candidate Rick Hernandez as his running mate.

Primary election

Republican nomination

Main article: 2012 Republican National Convention

Republican candidates

Democratic nomination

Main article: Democratic Party presidential primaries, 2012, and 2012 Democratic National Convention

Democratic candidates

Potential candidates who did not run

General election

Each dollar sign represents one million dollars spend by the campaigns in each state.

Campaign issues




Election results


2012 Presidential election
Party Candidate Popular Vote  % Electoral Votes States carried
Democratic Michael Casmir 39,024,155 47.7% 206 18
Republican Elizabeth Warren (I) 42,091,062 51.4% 332 32
Other 724,026 0.9% 0 0
Majority 3,066,907 3.7%
Turnout 81,839,243
Republican hold Swing

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United States presidential election, 2012
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