West Coast

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West Coast
Capital Sacramento, CA
Largest city Los Angeles
Notable Metropolitan Areas [1] Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, CA
San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, CA
Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, CA
Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, CA
San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos, CA
Portland-Vancouver-Bevearton, OR/WA
Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Roseville, CA
San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA
Honolulu, HI
Fresno, CA
Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, CA
Bakersfield, CA
Stockton, CA
Regions States
California California
Pacific Coast Washington
Area  Ranked 4th
 - Total 344,308 sq mi
(?) km���²
 - % water (?)
Population  Ranked 1st
 - Total 44,398,699
 - Density 128.95/sq mi 
(?)/km���² ((?)th)
Governor Hys Clematis (D-CA)
U.S. Senators
 - California Erin Bronson (D-CA)
Thomas Byerly (D-CA)
 - Pacific Coast Juliet Wentworth (D-WA)
James Parker (R-WA)
Abbreviation WCO
Web site West Coast Government

The Superregion of the West Coast the most populous in the nation, due mainly to the fact that it includes the state of California. Six of the 30 most populous urban centers in the nation lie entirely within the West Coast; by far, the most of any superregion. (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Sacramento, San Diego, and Portland). Despite this high level of urbanization, however, the West Coast is also a major rural powerhouse, representing a significant fraction of America's agricultural output.

The West Coast is named in a purely geographic sense; of the five states which border on the Pacific Ocean, four of them make up this superregion. The fifth, Alaska, is located in Big Sky Country instead.


Adjacent Superregions


The West Coast is a Democratic Stronghold, with Democrats holding an overall 54-46 registration advantage. The advantage is about equal in both regions of the West Coast, but the Pacific Coast region has greater variance, with Hawaii giving Democrats a nearly 2-1 advantage (63-37), Washington a more modest 54-46 advantage, and Oregon actually leaning slightly Republican with the GOP holding a slim 52-48 advantage.

Because of the blue tilt of the superregion and its constituent regions, it is relatively rare for Republicans to enjoy success here. However, both California and the Pacific Coast do contain enough independents to swing red, given the right candidate and right conditions.

Election 2008

Highlights: Jeremy Koo (D-CA) elected Governor. Sam Russell (D-CA) and Jeffrey Landon (D-WA) elected to the Senate

Election 2010

Highlights: Governor Jeremy Koo re-elected. Senator Lilliam Vanleer (D-WA) re-elected. Senator Elizabeth Rosenbaum (D-CA) re-elected to fill the remaining two years in her predecessor's term.

Election 2012

Highlights: Senator Rosenbaum re-elected to a full term.

Election 2014

Highlights: Senator Lilliam Vanleer (D-WA) elected Governor, after Governor Koo declined to run for re-election.

Special Election 2016

Highlights: Representative David Cromartie (D-CA) elected Governor, to fill the vacancy in the Governor's mansion.

Election 2018

Highlights: Senator [[Hys Clematis] (D-CA) reelected for a full term. Representative Alexander Hughes (R-CA) elected Governor for a full term.

Election 2020

Highlights: Representative Jordan Vanleer (D-WA) defeats Senator Andrew Seong (R-WA). Senator Tom Byerly (D-CA) elected for a full term. Representative James Parker (R-WA) defeats Representative James Johnson (D-OR) to replace Senator Ross Kesler (D-OR)

Election 2022

Highlights: Senator Hys Clematis (D-CA) defeats incumbent Governor Alexander Hughes (R-CA). Senator Andrew Seong (R-WA) loses reelection bid to Representative Juliet Wentworth (D-WA)

Office Holders

Note: The Governor information is not complete: Missing Legislative Leaders, Legislative Breakdowns, and Lieutenant Governor names.

Year Governor Lt. Governor Legislature
Name Party State Name Party State GOP DNC Maj. Leader Min. Leader
2009 Jeremy Koo Democrat California
2011 Jeremy Koo Democrat California
2015 Lilliam Vanleer Democrat Washington
David Cromartie1,X Democrat California
2019 Alexander Hughes Republican California
2023 Hys Clematis Democrat California

Year California Pacific Coast
Class 2 Class 3 Class 1 Class 3
2008 Chantoya Walker
Vacant Lilliam Vanleer
2009 Sam Russell
Jeffrey Landon
2010 Elizabeth Rosenbaum
2011 Elizabeth Rosenbaum
Lilliam Vanleer
2013 Elizabeth Rosenbaum
Ross Kesler
Thomas Byerly
2015 Thomas Byerly
Vacant Ross Kesler
William Clarke


  • 1 Elected in special election to fill remainder of Governor Vanleer's term
  • 2 Appointed after Senator Vanleer was elected Governor.
  • 3 Resigned from office.
  • A Appointed to the remainder of a predecessor's term
  • X Elected to fill a vacancy for the remainder of a predecessor's term.

Notable Metropolitan Areas

The following table is based on the US Census definitions of Combined Statistical Areas (CSAs), Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and Micropolitan Statistical Areas (���¼SAs) of the United States. As such, the urban areas often combine multiple "cities", including many not specifically listed in the table.

Rank Name State(s) Type
(Census 2000)
In Region In Nation
1 2 Los Angeles-Long Beach-Riverside CA CSA 16,373,645
2 6 San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland CA CSA 7,092,596
3 13 Seattle-Tacoma-Olympia WA CSA 3,707,144
4 17 San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos CA MSA 2,813,833 Even if San Diego and L.A. merged, would still be a bit smaller than the New York City metro area.
5 23 Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Yuba City CA-NV CSA (2,069,298) Most of the population is in California
6 25 Portland-Vancouver-Beaverton OR-WA MSA 1,927,881 Both states are WCO, thus entire poplation is as well
7 54 Fresno-Madera CA CSA 922,516
8 56 Honolulu HI MSA 876,156 Covers essentially the entire island of Oahu
9 70 Bakersfield CA MSA 661,645
10 77 Stockton CA MSA 563,598
11 97 Modesto CA MSA 446,997
12 103 Spokane WA MSA 417,939
13 108 Salinas CA MSA 401,762
14 110 Santa Barbera-Santa Maria-Goleta CA MSA 399,347
15 118 Visalia-Porterville CA MSA 368,021
16 123 Salem OR MSA 347,214
17 129 Eugene-Springfield OR MSA 322,959
18 153 San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles CA MSA 246,681
19 164 Yakima WA MSA 222,581
20 169 Merced CA MSA 210,554
21 172 Chico CA MSA 203,171
22 181 Kennewick-Richland-Pasco WA MSA 191,822
23 187 Medford OR MSA 181,269
24 188 Albany-Corvallis-Lebanon OR CSA 181,222
25 198 Bellingham WA MSA 166,814
26 203 Redding CA MSA 163,256 The largest city in the once proposed State of Jefferson
27 229 Hilo HI ���¼SA 148,677 Essentially, the Island of Hawai'i
28 239 El Centro CA MSA 142,361
29 251 Bend-Prineville OR MSA 134,549
30 258 Hanford-Corcoran CA MSA 129,461
31 261 Kahului-Wailuku HI ���¼SA 128,094 Maui County, Hawaii
32 265 Eureka-Arcata-Fortuna CA ���¼SA 126,518
33 307 Roseburg OR ���¼SA 100,399
34 309 Wenatchee WA MSA 99,219
35 319 Longview WA MSA 92,948
36 331 Ukiah CA ���¼SA 86,265
37 348 Pendleton-Hermiston OR ���¼SA 81,543
38 359 Grants Pass OR ���¼SA 75,726
39 365 Moses Lake WA ���¼SA 74,698
40 378 Centralia WA ���¼SA 68,600
41 384 Aberdeen WA ���¼SA 67,194
42 392 Port Angeles WA ���¼SA 64,525
43 395 Klamath Falls OR ���¼SA 63,775
44 402 Coos Bay OR ���¼SA 62,779
45 417 Kapaa HI ���¼SA 58,463 Kaua���»i County, Hawaii
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