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Whitney Mason
45th President of the United States
In Office:
2017 - 2021
Vice President: Brockmeier
Preceded by Elizabeth Warren
Succeeded by Akeem Mellis
2nd Governor of Appalachia
In Office:
2013 - 2016
Lieutenant(s): Garcia, Pizzuto
Preceded by Peter Vandenberg
Succeeded by Tim Kent

May 4, 1965 (age 55)
Faith, North Carolina
Political Party Democrat
Spouse Diana McGillicutty Mason
Religion Christian (United Methodist)

Whitney Mason (born May 4, 1965) was the 45th President of the United States and former Governor and Democratic Leader of Appalachia. His Presidency is considered controversial due to numerous scandals within his Administration, including a coverup, by the President himself, of wrongdoings. He also had musician EJ Hinkelschmit play live for him in 2018. Hinkelschmit also played music in Mason's first 12 campaign commercials in 2020, before Hinkelschmit was fired.


Early Life

Whitney was born in Faith, North Carolina on May 4, 1965 to Dudley Mason, a trucker, and Lucinda Rossiter Mason, a textile factory worker. Upon his graduation from Salisbury High School in 1983, Whitney attended the Appalachian State University on a basketball scholarship where he majored in Geography, served as President of the College Democrats, and Editor of the Appalachian.

After graduating with honors, Whitney signed on for three years with the Air Force and received a Masters in International Development Policy from Duke University two years after completing his service. While attending Duke, he met a young law student named Diana McGillicutty, who he married three years later.

Public Service

While working towards his Masters, Whitney took a job in the Chapel Hill Town Manager's office where he worked for six years until he ran for a seat on the Chapel Hill Town Council. His triplet sons, Sacha (named for Whitney's grandfather), Whitney Junior, and Dudley II, were born three weeks after he was elected to the Town Council where he championed major city revitalization projects and sustainable development standards and was urged to run for a seat in the Appalachia legislature in the middle of his second term by the town's mayor, who had declined to run for the seat.

He was thrice reelected to the legislature before becoming leader of the Democratic Caucus in 2008. His wife gave birth to a second set of triplets, Faith, Hope, and Charity, in early 2008. Two years later, he led his party to majority status and served as Majority Leader until November 2012 when he defeated incumbent Peter Vandenberg in his bid to become Governor of Appalachia.


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The Mason cabinet
President Whitney Mason 2017 - 2020
Vice President Andrew Brockmeier 2017 - 2020
Secretary of State Samuel Clay 2017 - 2020
Secretary of Treasury Seth Wellbourne 2017 - 2020
Secretary of Defense Chris Bridges 2018 - 2020
Attorney General Bridget Cohen 2017 - 2020
Secretary of Homeland Security Jack Bruno
Thomas Lowell
2017 - 2018
2019 - 2020
Secretary of the Interior Sam Russell 2017 - 2018
Secretary of Education Janice Nguyen 2017 - 2020
Secretary of Transportation Linda Cielo 2017 - 2020
Secretary of Energy Adam Dauterive 2018 - 2020
Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jacob Bernstein 2018
Chief of Staff Roland Scott
Kenneth Foster
C.J. Dailey
2019 - 2020
Administrator of the
Environmental Protection Agency
Stephen Lovecraft 2017 - 2020
United States Trade
Jaime Elzar-Toledo 2017 - 2020
Director of National Intelligence Frank Napier 2017 - 2020
National Security Advisor Isaiah Lexington 2019 - 2020

2016 Presidential Election

Main Articles: United States presidential election, 2016, Democratic Party presidential primaries, 2016

In mid September 2014, he announced his candidacy for President of the United States. After a tough fight Primary campaign against Senator Justin Casanova-Davis, Mason won the 2016 Democratic nomination for President and went on to defeat David Gamble in the general election.

First Term

When Mason entered office, it was thought that the toughest decision he would have to make in his first one hundred days was appointing a Justice to fill the vacancy created by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. While Mason swiftly chose Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears to serve as the Court's first African-American female Justice, the notion that that would be his toughest moment was quickly dispelled as Hizbollah militants in Syria fired rockets into the Israeli city of Nazareth. Mason assisted the Israelis by destroying a Syrian Air Defense system, but following the attack, the Syrians retaliated against Israel by bombing Tel Aviv and Haifa. This immediately led to a tension-filled build-up of troops on the Israeli-Syrian border, which is Mason is currently attempting to negotiate a cease fire to end.

While the situation in Israel was still unfolding, Fort Buchanan in Puerto Rico suffered a terrorist attack from rebels seeking independence. On top of those two major events, President Jimmy Carter and President George H.W. Bush died within hours of each other leaving Mason with a difficult funeral situation to sort out between the families of both President. All-in-all, Mason has had a tough "honeymoon" in the White House.

President Mason's first term was quickly overshadowed by scandal when the Administration failed to come clean and when the President himself attempted to coverup wrongdoings. The ensuing investigations, both by Congress and Special Prosecutors, would taint President Mason's reputation and sour public approval of job Presidency eventually playing a large part for the President's re-election loss to Senator Mellis in 2020.

2020 Presidential Election

Main Articles: United States presidential election, 2020



Whitney is the author of four books:

Faith, Family, and Freedom: The Democratic Party's Fight for Rural America (2011)
Author's Net Income: $690,000
"Throughout his ten years of public service, Whitney Mason has led the fight for a Democratic revival in rural America. In this book, he chronicles how the Democrats lost hold of the rural domination they held for half a century and what they must do to get it back. While documenting the triumphs and failures of the Democrats and the betrayal of rural America by the Republicans, he also tells of his personal fight that has led to a renewal of the Democratic majority in Appalachia."

Home (2013)
Author's Net Income: $300,000
"It's Harry Potter meets Dante's Inferno is this children's book by Appalachia Governor Whitney Mason. The book tells the story of Mattie Taylor, a seven year old girl, as she journey's through four worlds-- each representing a fantastical version of an environmentally degraded future-- to try to get back home."

A Prayer on Good Friday (2014)
Author's Net Income: $1,000,000
"In this insider's account of the Good Friday attacks, Governor Whitney Mason reveals what went on behind the scenes on the day that terrorists targetted both America and the Christian faith. The book speaks primarily from a spiritual viewpoint as Mason writes on the role that faith can play in guiding leaders through a major crisis and the need for principled faith in America's battle with religious extremism."

The War At Home (2016)
Author's Net Income: $832,000
"In his latest book, Governor Whitney Mason explains the world of domestic counter-terrorism and homeland security to the average American. A strong defender of national security efforts and civil liberties, Governor Mason outlines dozens of new measures to protect Americans from the threats to our nation's homeland security and encourages citizens to take a more active role in demanding action from Washington."

Miscellaneous Facts

Whitney is of English and Russian ancestry. His wife, Diana, is of Irish, Italian, and Iranian ancestry.

Whitney speaks fluent Russian and is proficient in Spanish and Italian.

Whitney has been a member of Evergreen United Methodist Church since 1990 and ran the church's food pantry from 1993 until he was elected to the state legislature in 2002.

Whitney is an avid basketball player and spent six years coaching each of the little league basketball teams his son, Sacha, played on.

Whitney is a Benefactor member of the National Rifle Association.

Election Results

Year Office Election Winner Party Votes  % Opponent Party Votes  %
2012 Appalachia Governor General Whitney Mason Democratic 7,914,071 54.8% Peter Vandenberg Republican 6,453,825 44.7%
2016 President of the United States Primary Whitney Mason Democratic 1595 Delegates Justin Casanova-Davis Democratic 613 Delegates
2016 President of the United States General Whitney Mason Democratic 378 EVs David Gamble Republican 160 EVs
2020 President of the United States General Whitney Mason Democratic 268 EVs Akeem Mellis Republican 270 EVs


EJ Hinkelschmit portraying Mason in the film adaption of Andrew Brockmeier's What a Party! Memories of a Political Journey.

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